Easy To Use

Technology shouldn't be hard. The Online Rota System can be used easily by anyone in your organisation.

Accessible Anywhere

The Online Rota System works on desktop, tablet and mobile to ensure your staff always have the latest rota information at their fingertips.


One size doesn't always fit all. Chat with us about how we can provide the right solution for you.


The Online Rota System has been designed to ease the creation of schedules for your organisation. Focusing on three key areas; rota creation, specific shift requests and annual leave planning, the Online Rota System is an easy to use tool that can be adapted to your business needs.

We understand the timely process that rota creation can be, and have sought to simplify that process. Users are provided with their own unique login to access their rotas, submit annual leave and any specific shift requests.

Supervisors then have administration access to login, create rotas and approve/decline annual leave and shift requests.

The Online Rota System can be tailored to the unique shift requirements of your business. The system can recognise, based on whom is selected to work that shift, where any short falls may lie and highlight them to the rota creator. It is also capable of analysing user requests and advising of any potential clashes.

The Online Rota System is accessible via any modern browser - whether it be through smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer. This ensures that colleagues can access the information and make requests at any time.


Rota Creation

Create a rota with annual leave and specific shifts already populated. Allows for multiple departments and teams, let the system do the hard work for you.


Staff can submit specific shift requests, including days off, which are then automatically fed into the rota creation.

Annual Leave

A simple interface enables users to book annual leave which is then sent for authorisation and pulled by the rota.


Create and manage users, departments, teams and shifts which are all fed back into the rota environment.


Reclaim those wasted hours and focus on what's really important to your business.


Going paper free means less hassle filing the written rotas. The system will store them and provide an audit trail should you need to look back.


ISO compliant hosting with encryption of data and fine grained access controls ensure your data is held safely and securely within the system.


The Online Rota System is a Block of Code product.

Block of Code is a small, but dedicated, team based out of Yorkshire, England. We're passionate about creating products that go on to make a difference somewhere.